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Where does it go?

Your payment gives you unrestricted  access to use the lake.

The intention of the fee is to contribute to the Public Liability Insurance. 

Last year most of the money went on materials to make the lane a little more comfortable. 

There were signs to install and others to replace. Fencing to repair.

Clearing out the sluice regularly to try to maintain a constant water level; placing and replacing the buoys; liaising with Police and the owner.

I discourage dog owners from walking their dogs in the members' area.  I have witnessed dogs disturbing feeding waterfowl and chasing waterfowl from the area.  A crime, which should be reported. The problem being lack of details of owners.

I hope to be able to make access to the members' area restricted by installing fencing and gates.

Preventing casual walkers access to this small area will benefit the wildlife which congregate there; stop littering; stop dogs fouling the area.

Anti-social behaviour has been a regular problem.  After consultation on site with the Police and owner I have concluded that neither have a solution. Advice is that as many details should be gathered and the Police called when necessary.

The owner has taken dramatic action to discourage non-members. 

I hope to be able to support him should there be a problem at any time in 2022.

I respond to calls about problems at the lake and sort them if I am able. 

To facilitate this, the email  has been created and will be monitored frequently.

2022 will be monitored more rigorously  because of the abuse by some members last year. There will be draconian measures taken against people who abuse this year's membership.

It only takes one "accident" for the lake to be closed.

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